Monday, August 24, 2009

Sketchbook Monday

I spent the morning at the Tampa Zoo with Deena and Dakota. It's the best time of the day to go as it's the best chance to see some of the big animals active. And today was fantastic. The white tigers were very playful. You can see some of my shots and video here.

Since my day was cut short and the work I did I cannot share, I bring you some pages from my sketchbook. I hope everyone had a good Monday.


Gary M. Peiffer said...


It is great that you can spend some family time and do things like the zoo. Plus, it helps for you to have a bit of a break!

In the middle sketchpage, right bottom, the "diving figure" really looks dynamic! Hope to see that pose in a finished piece soon!

Devil girl is another great one with the overall curve of the pose, tail, and the hair hanging over half the face. Did you see someone like her at the zoo????


Karen said...

awwww. The Tigers are so cute. I want to hug them! Great pics. Thanks for sharing them and the video.

Gene Gonzales said...

Gary - A break was good. And it was a nice day. Sketches in my book tend to be used at some time or another. Those were ideas for the Nightwing commission I did that weren't used. And the Devil Girl will be a watercolor painting when I get the time. Nope, she wasn't at the zoo, but could you imagine? :)

Karen - Those two were the babies. Momma was sitting off to the side watching. Except when the two got too rough she would then come over and knock their heads together. :) Glad you enjoyed the pics and video.