Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Lately when I take a break I have been doing head shots in a drawing pad. Not my normal sketchbook, but one that has a bit more texture and heavy weight paper. These are some of the pieces done over the last couple of days. Lockheed the dragon is the latest one, he was done this morning as a warm up. Doing these gives me a chance to really play around with the Prismacolor and Copic markers without worrying about the final results. It they turn out good, or if not, it's the trial and error that matters. Can't be precious with practice.

All four pieces were done on individual sheets of 9" x 12" Canson Drawing paper.


Sam Bohon said...

love it man, esp catwoman- awesome job ;P

Gary M. Peiffer said...


You should do more of these!

Were you thinking of putting a character in the space below Lockheed? Looks like he is sitting on Kitty's shoulder?


Craig Zablo said...

Cool. A four-fer. Perhaps you should do some of these type drawings at cons as well?

Brian Jones said...

Very nice and of course I love the Yvonne Craig inspired Batgirl....she would make a great Canson!

Royce Thrower said...

Thinking the same thing as Craig, was I. These would sell at a con I think! Pittsburgh bound , they are? Yoda speaks! I love the Shadow and Adam Strange portraits!

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks for stopping by Sam, and for the kind words. I checked out your blogs, cool stuff! Good luck with the book and more importantly I hope that Areana is feeling better!!!

Thanks Gary! Lockheed was just started in the wrong place on the paper. No Kitty in the mix. :)

Craig - I might offer some at Mini-Megacon this weekend. Oh joy, another price point to work out. ;)

Thanks Brian. I really should do a likeness of Miss Craig on Canson sometime. Good idea!

Thanks Royce! I may test the waters at the show this weekend.