Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sketchbook Sunday

I am working with my buddy, writer J.C. Vaughn on a project. It is in the development stage at this point. Still trying to find a "voice" for the art. I am determined to take my art in a different direction for this project, but still keep enough of me in it. Above is one of the pages from my sketchbook where I am working this all out.

In other news:

I am starting to put together art for my next PIN-UPS & SKETCHES books. Though that will probably not be the title. I'm doing this one in full color, but in order to do that, I have to make some decisions about page count and cost. The main problem is trying to keep the price point at $10.00, the same as previous books. But in order to do that and do the book in color, I have to go with saddle stitched (staples) and not perfect bound like my other books. Also the size would be 8" x 10.5", just a little smaller than before. Decisions, decisions.

Annnnd, I will be doing some posters for HeroesCon too. More decisions as to what images to use. 

Also I am going to purchase a banner for conventions. I have found several companies that do these so I just have to pick one. I do like the self contained canister type. Much like a projector screen. So I need to design that as well. :)

Herculoids is still sitting on my board, that will be finished this week. I will be shooting pictures of the progress to share. And two Canson Cuties for Tim on the board for this week.

Going to be a busy week, hang on everyone!


Craig Zablo said...

Hey Gene,

The sketches look sweet. Please keep us posted on the project.

Can't wait to see what you come up with for your new sketchbook. Your previous ones rock.

John can give you some info on banners. He did quite a bit of research and came up with a good one at a good price.

Royce Thrower said...

The banner is a must at conventions. Let's see, which one is Gene Gonzales?? Oh, the one sitting in front of that Gorgeous Banner that says "Gene Gonzales!"

Advertisers know that billboards with gorgeous images draw attention. We sometimes forget the product being advertised, but we remember well the commercial or image trying to get our attention.

Can't wait for the new book and curious to see what images make the cut for the book and the posters!

Brian Jones said...

Royce, no banner needed. All you gotta do is listen for the falsetto and doo woop stylings of Gene! :)

Grease is still the word!

Landroid said...

keep up the good work!

Gary M. Peiffer said...


Sunday is suppose to be the day of rest, and you have all of this going on!!!!

For your sketchbook, you may want to consider raising the purchase price to $15-$20 since that seems to be the going price for a lot of them now. I love the book format for your first two editions and would pay a higher price for that format. Maybe you can do two sketchbooks, a lower price tier and a higher price tier, you certainly have the material!

Yeah, a banner would be great for you at conventions. Suggestion fitting a sketch or design on the banner in addition to your name.

Concerning the sketchbook page your posted, I like the character in the upper left with the soft face, and the hard "angular" hair. I nice balance.