Saturday, April 18, 2009

FX Show! - Bats and Magik!

I did this Batman headshot on 12" x 18" Charcoal paper with black and white Prismacolor and China Markers at the show. I was waiting for the sketchbook to do my Magik in and was killing time. I thought it had a bit of a Nick Cardy Batman look to it. Or maybe I'm just wishing. :)

The main event was doing Magik for Karen. We both wanted to put in the in same sketchbook that is home to the Kitty and Lockheed sketch I did for her last year at MegaCon. She seemed to genuinely like it. She even was using it to entice more people around my table to get a sketch. I might have to pay her a percentage. :)
All in all the show was busier today. I did get to wander around a bit thanks to Craig Zablo and John Beatty watching my table when I did my walkabout. Chatted with Casey Jones, Joe Pekar (who was doing some incredible watercolor paintings. Gotta get me one!) and Mike Perkins. It's funny, Casey, Mike and I go way back to our earliest work with Caliber Comics. Picked up a cool book from Stuart Immonen titled CENTIFOLIO and discovered the art of Laurie B. And best of all was chatting with all the nice folks who stopped by my table. I love meeting new people and conventions are a great place for it. More tomorrow!


Shane said...

Sounds like a fun show! Karen was describing this sketch to me in detail over the phone, she definitely loves it! Fantastic!

LUD! said...

Actually, I'm seeing a bit of George Perez in that Batman piece, Gene!

Hope Sunday's a great day!

Brian Jones said...

2 great con sketches. Love the Batman portrait! I may know someone interested in it if it didnt sell.....ME! Magik is just that Magic! Hope Sunday is jam packed!

Gary M. Peiffer said...


In addition to pleasing the fans, I am glad that you are getting a chance to walk around, catch up with old friends, and see what else is out there for purchase.

Good job on the Bats and Magik. Given Majik's convoluted background, I wonder if she spent time at Hogwarts?

Enjoy Sunday at the show!


Royce Thrower said...

LOVE the moody, dark Batman head shot and of course the Majik is awesome!! Hope you have a relaxing but busy (incongruous, I know) day tomorrow!

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Shane. The attendance seemed low but it was fun catching up with friends was great and meeting new folks was great as well. I plan to attend next year.

Perez, Cardy, either one I take as a complement. Thanks LUD!

Thanks Brian. The Batman headshot was sold. But you never know when I might do another one. :) Sunday was about the same as Friday. Dealers were packing up as early as 2pm, a full three hours before the end of the show.

Thanks Gary. I think Limbo is in one of the subbasements of Hogwarts. :)

Thanks Royce!