Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Gaming Cage! Part 3

Here is where I am at on the Gaming Cage for Fanfare Sports & Entertainment, Inc. I have established how the background color is going to work and the lettering. Now I am blocking in the characters with color. These are mostly temporary and used to create areas I can grab and change, mold, and play with. So far only most of the left side is blocked in. I will do the other side before I start doing the final colors and effects. The goal is to have this done by tomorrow because...

This weekend is the FX Show in Orlando and I will be a guest there. I will have prints, original art, comics, and some of my older sketchbooks. And I will be doing sketches. I didn't have time to put a new one together so it looks like it will debut at HeroesCon instead. I will be at Booth 22 in Creators Alley. Drop by and say "HI!" if you will be there too.


Craig Zablo said...

Hey Gene,

I'll be there hanging with John Beatty. See you at the show!

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Wow, coming along fine! A piece that you should be proud of!

Have fun at the show this weekend. If possible, please get scans of some of the commissions and post for all to see!



Royce Thrower said...

Yes, please try to get scans! Hope your sketchlist stays full!
If not, give me a call!..haha

The banner is looking good!