Thursday, October 9, 2008

Swinging Christmas - Finished

A lot had to be done today. I'm heading for Orlando on business in the hour and won't be back until tomorrow night. So most of the things I do on a Friday had to be squeezed in today with the other work. Whew! Here is the second finished Christmas Cutie for CILM. The background was created in Photoshop. 
And today's Legion Couple is Sun Boy (Dirk Morgna) and Science Police Officer Gigi Cusimano. The helmet of Dr. Zaxton Regulus is the background for this one. Dr. Regulus is the one responsible for Sun Boy's powers. When Dr. Regulus left Dirk to die in an atomic reactor, Dirk survived and developed the ability to create heat and fire. Atomic reactors are known for that kind of thing. Just like radioactive spiders. ;)


Gary M. Peiffer said...

Hey, both pieces are great! For the Christmas piece, it would be neat if an elf was peaking out of the limbs watching the girl swing!

Anyway, have a good trip to Orlando.

Also, I think we all should buy more of your artwork. Will be worth more in the long run than my stock portfolio!!!!


Royce Thrower said...

Heck, it is worth more RIGHT NOW than my stock portfolio!

Watching the Christmas Cutie swing on that ornament reminds me of the 'ol Hoppity Hop I had as a kid. Hope the ornament is more durable than that old thing we had as a just didn't play well with an ice pick for some reason. Boy bicycle tire patches sure came in handy back then!

Have fun in Orlando Gene!

Brian Jones said...

Man...the other Christmas pieces are great, but I love this one. Homerun!

Have a safe trip!

Gene Gonzales said...

Hi Gary, you're right, an elf would have made a nice addition. And I like your other idea, everyone should buy more of my stuff. ;)

Thanks for sharing you Christmas story, Royce. :)

Thanks Brian!