Monday, October 27, 2008

Space Ghost! - Trials and Errors

I've never drawn Space Ghost before so at this point in the process I am just trying to get a feel for the character. So I just doodle some faces, figures, and the main pose trying to solidify my approach. Sometimes the simplest designs are the hardest to pull off. I believe Alex Toth designed SG, and he was a master of making simple yet strong designs. Tough act to follow. Onward!


Gary M. Peiffer said...


I think Alex Toth had a hand in Space Ghost, or at least inspired the artist who designed Space Ghost.

Funny, you describe Alex Toth as having a simple and strong design. Along the same lines, I think that you have simple and elegant conquered in your artist tool box !


Gene Gonzales said...

Wow, very kind of you to say so Gary. Thank you!

Craig Zablo said...

Toth is a tough act to follow, but you are well on your way!

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Craig.