Saturday, October 18, 2008

Poison Ivy - In Living Color

Decided to add some color to Ivy. And I did it differently than I normally do. For this piece I layered the colors and didn't blend them. No gradients and no airbrush effects. For example, there are three different values for her tights: Dark, medium and light green is used. Same with the skin tones. And then some white for the "hot" spots. But used sparingly.

The background is where I played with a watercolor brush set with a low opacity. This allowed a transparency to the colors. Colors bleed into each other and could be seen through each other. The idea was to have a softer background to add contrast to the hard edges your eyes have to blend on Ivy's coloring. All the colors were done in Photoshop CS3.


Gary M. Peiffer said...


I think the layered color approach has an amazing visual effect overall. The flesh color and the hair are particularly eye catching.

I complement you on experimenting and trying new techniques! Well done!


Royce Thrower said...

Beautiful Gene, just beautiful.

Learning to color with photoshop is something I have been meaning to do for a while. I have a lot of B&W sketches that are begging to be colorized.
Hmmmmm.....I wonder if Ted Turner will loan me his box of crayons instead?

Brian Jones said...

Stunning Gene! I was away all day yesterday (Tikicon) and this was a nice Sunday morning wake up! I have been wondering if you were going to add some color to a few of the pieces you've done over the last month or so.......More please!
As if you dont have enough to do already :) oh and BTW I rode in the actual BATCOPTER yesterday! I kid you not!

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks for the kind comments Gary.

Thanks Royce. There are quite a few book that could guide you through PS and coloring some artwork. Once you get the basics, it's just up to you to experiment. Looking at what you like and trying to decipher why you like it will help you on your way. Crayons are good too. :)

Thanks Brian. The real Batcopter??? Wow! If you had been lowered down the BatLadder into the water, you might have needed some BatShark Repellent. :)

Brian Jones said...

Thankfuly we did get out over the ocean where sharks may have been an issue :) Although the person I went with made me give him the car keys JUST in case I didnt come back....check it out

Gene Gonzales said...

Outstanding Brian! Thanks for sharing the picture!