Sunday, October 12, 2008

Christmas Cutie with Bear - Finished

I am starting a very busy week tomorrow. First off, I have a few more sketches to do in order to finish up by the 15th as promised. A few more roughs due tomorrow for some spot illustrations I am doing for an annual report. And a few more projects in the works. Today was filled with spot illustration roughs and finishing another Christmas Cutie. This was done in watercolor, color pencil and some acrylic on 10" x 15" 140lb. Canson watercolor paper.
Today's Legion Couple is Element Lad (Jan Arrah) and Science Police Officer/Legion Liaison Shvaughn Erin. The background is Jan's home world, Trom. Jan is the sole survivor of his race. A race of beings that had the ability to change one element to another. The Trommites were all killed by the space pirate Roxxas and his crew when they refused to do his bidding. Even as a kid I thought that was a bad plan. The crystals are "tombstones" for each fallen Trommite.


Gary M. Peiffer said...


Appreciate you taking the time to post both the Legion and Christmas cutie pieces!

Concerning your work schedule, I know you will be working on a Valerie/Pussycat sketch. If you need the time, feel free to take it, I don't expect the piece by October 15!



Royce Thrower said...

The Christmas cutie is indeed just that...cute!

Seems like the polar bear needs an ice cold Coke though. Thanks for the share Gene. Still don't know how you find time to share these everyday without a miss. The streak is continually a source of amazement for me. Mid October and it is still alive and kicking!!

Gene Gonzales said...

Glad you like them Gary! Regarding your Val piece, she is on the calendar for Wednesday. She is the last but not the least. I've actually sketched her out. Thanks!

Hey Royce, Polar Bears and Coke do seem to go together now don't they? Power of marketing! Not only have I not missed a day yet, there have been a few days of multiple posts. Not including older work I am sharing like the Legion pieces. 79 days to go!