Sunday, August 17, 2008

Tiki Logo

Last week I finalized the art for a logo I was hired to create. The client had seen one of my Tiki Girls and wanted to purchase it and the rights for exclusive use. Since that particular image is already licensed out to two different companies for different products, I agreed to design a new one that has a similar look and feel for them. While I can't show the final artwork right now, I can show you the three designs I did for them to chose from. It was a fun job to do and I thank Chris and Tiki Trading Company, LLC for coming to me with their project. All three roughs were done with pencils and markers on copy paper.


Royce Thrower said...

All three poses are top notch but I hope they went with Door Number Three! It is my favorite. Well done and congrats on securing the job. I can understand that they wanted exclusivity, but it must be hard to let one permanently go like that.

Brian Jones said...

Ditto on the third one.....Aloha!

Christopher said...

They look great, and the finished one is even cooler!

Personally, I like the second one & hope (wait, I know!) they used that one...

Thanks, again, Gene, for being the consummate pro & delivering a great logo at top speed.

We should be able to show the project shortly!