Wednesday, August 6, 2008


Today is a sexy Jeannie for your viewing pleasure. Thanks to Terry for this commission! As always, this is inked on 11" x 17" Canson Bristol Board. A byproduct of doing this piece is that I am probably going to get the first season of I DREAM OF JEANNIE on DVD or from iTunes. Can't get the theme song out of my head.

And so this is the 20th sketch from the Conventionless, Convention Sketch Auction. Actually there is a 21st piece. I did the above artwork for Terry and the next day I wasn't sure if it was the kind of "sexy" he wanted. So I did a second one and gave him a choice. Turned out I shouldn't have second guessed myself. He liked the first. Both will be in my CAF gallery if you are interested in seeing the second one.

Thanks again to everyone who commissioned a sketch. All were fun to do and seems everyone is happy with the results. I've been asked when I might put up another sketch auction and looking at my schedule, there might be room for one in mid to late September. I don't know if I will do it through eBay or just do it though this blog. Guess it depends on how comfortable everyone feels about dealing directly with me. :) We will see. Happy Wednesday!


Gary M. Peiffer said...


First of all, thanks for both doing this "convention sketch" series AND sharing with your blog friends! I've appreciated it! I would have no problems dealing with your directly if you are willing to do more of this in September. In fact, I would rather do a request via the blog so that you don't have to pay ebay fees.

Finally, the Jeannie is great! I like her face. Barbara Eden inspired, but she has your style. I am going to look for the second piece now!



Royce Thrower said...

You saved one of the best for last. Beautiful.

I have asked for a Jeannie from several artists before as well as dear old Samantha from Bewitched, but yours beats them all hands down.

Can't wait for the next round of commissions as these have been a blast.

Royce Thrower said...

Just noticed the nice job on the bottle's detail. Nice

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Samantha from Bewitched? Hmmmm, good future commission request.

Maybe the girls from Petticoat Junction?


Gene Gonzales said...

Hey Gary - I don't worry about the fees, though they were higher than I realized. It's the price and convenience of doing business. I just figured with the amount of hits this blog gets I might not need eBay to fill another list. Glad you liked the Jeannie, thanks. I've always had a thing for Barbara Eden. Loved her eyes. Seriously, her eyes! :)

Royce - Oooo Samantha. Another I've always had a thing for. Again, beautiful eyes. Really! And the nose. Thanks for the high praise. I hope the other artists aren't reading this. And the bottle, I looked that one up. There were a few different versions. This is the one I like the best. Thanks for noticing.

Gary - Petticoat Junction? Hmmmmm. I've always had a thing for those girls eyes. Heh, not really. ;)

Craig Zablo said...

Very nice!

Royce Thrower said...

Not ashamed to admit that I have Jeannie AND Bewitched on DVD (several seasons each...) Love 60's sitcoms for some reasons. For the next round of requests, maybe Petticoat Junction meets Hew Haw Honeys meets Gilligan's Island meets Marilyn from the Munsters meets...
ok I'll stop now.

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Craig!

Hey Royce, you forgot The Flying Nun with Sally Field! :)

Brian Jones said...

I was a little late on this one but count me in on the September commishs which ever way you decide to go! What about Ellie May Clampett and my favorite Catwoman Mrs. Newmar? Oh yeah both Jeannies are awesome...many hours spent watching Mrs Eden :)