Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Sketchbook Tuesday!

I thought I would be posting the last sketch today, but I have to wait. Instead, it time for stuff from my sketchbook. To try to make up for the missing last sketch, I am posting two pages.

On the first page we have a couple of curvy fairies. And a little underwear humor. On page 2, a couple slim girls. Which made me think of something that happened at MegaCon this year...

A woman was looking through my artwork. I greeted her in a very friendly manner. Smiled. Polite. When she finished looking through everything, she started to walk away, looked over her shoulder at me and said, "So you're a tit-man." It wasn't a question, more of a statement. I looked up at her and said that most of these pieces are past commissions and reflect the characters as they appear in the comics. I finished with "Personally, I'm a 'whole package' kinda guy, not just tits or legs or butts or skinny or curvy or any other ONE thing." She gave me a funny look then walked away. This kind of thing happens at cons from time to time. Most of the time I am just asked why I draw women with these fantastic figures and looks. That real women don't look that way. I point out I don't have the body of a Batman or a Superman either. They normally don't think of that. No biggie though, makes for some interesting conversations sometimes. Funnier though is how I have to cover the nipples on a drawing because there are kids present but a drawing of a disemboweled person or rotting zombie, or a severed head is good clean fun for the kids. Hmmmmm.


Royce Thrower said...


I remember a friend of my dad's back in the 1960's would bring over "monster books" as he called them (Creepy, Eerie, etc)after reading them and leave them with us boys (I have 3 brothers) as he had no children himself. I vividly remember nightmares resulting for me and my two younger brothers. This has something to do with my fear of crabs to this day.

Mom and Dad were fine with all the vampires, werewolves, zombies, ghouls, bloody dismembered victims etc contained in the books. I never heard the first word of protest or censure from either of them until he brought a Vampirella over and mom happened to see it. Needless to say, our benefactor was encouraged to stop with the gifts immediately.

Still never understood that one.

Craig Zablo said...

It's funny but true. Violence is okay, but sexy women are bad.

Thanks for sharing the sketches!

Brian Jones said...

quote Gene: "I don't have the body of a Batman or a Superman either."
Wow and here I thought by night you were keeping the streets of Largo safe! :)
I think you do a well rounded female(pun intended). You don't do the boobs as big or bigger than her head like a lot of other pin up guys might. (Unless instructed by the buyer I'm sure). I'll bet you could fill this blog with stories simalar to this one as well as unusal sketch requests.
PS I'm on vacation and off to see "Falling Water".....Later!

Gene Gonzales said...

Royce - Growing up I was allowed to see a Playboy. But being young, the whole thing was embarrassing. :) When it came to movies, I didn't get to see too much violence and certainly didn't see the "love scenes".

Craig -Thanks for the comment. You summed it up.

Brian - It's called a "secret identity". I wear the fat suit in my daily guise in order to throw off my enemies. No one would suspect me of being the Largo Avenger. Regarding drawing abnormally large breasts, at a con, someone was trying to figure out what they wanted me to do for them. He said he liked Power Girl but I probably couldn't draw her with the chest size he wanted based on the girls in my portfolio. I think he wanted a Jim Balent type. :) Have a good vacation!