Friday, January 18, 2008

Business Illustration

Today was a Collaborative Labs day. And the client was the Tampa Bay Partnership. They are like a Chamber of Commerce, but on steroids. It was a whos-who of the Tampa Bay area business leaders. Above are 3 of the 7 or 8 boards I filled up. The first one is a greeting board, something that shows what the goals are for the event. In this case, planning for the next 3 years. The middle image represents a round of brainstorming done by the various teams and the last one represents the unified vision of the future for the Tampa Bay area. I have two more events over the weekend. It's very unusual to have a weekend event, but there you go.

I know these are not as exciting as pin-ups of pretty girls, but I hope they can give everyone an understanding of the wide variety of work that is out there for a freelance artist. AND the ability to network with all the major players is a side benefit. The Labs have no problem with me giving out my business card to those who request it. Today was no exception, I gave out a few. Today's participants were the CEOs, CFOs, Presidents, and Publishers of businesses both local, national and worldwide. And I get to show what I can do for a day. Better than a cold call.

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