Friday, April 29, 2011

Digital Sketchbook Friday - CCS Rough

Black Widow © Marvel Entertainment

See, I hope I haven't spoiled anyone with the bonus posts and the two character posts I have done lately. Today got away from me. Hard to do since I started at 6am. It's been a full day of work but I thought I would be able to finish this piece tonight. Other work has to take it's place. It's a shame because it's almost done. Sigh.

So instead I will share the digital rough I did for the piece. I printed this out and light tabled it on to the final board. Like I said the inks are almost done. I might be able to finish it tonight, but don't want to rush it or work on it too late. Tomorrow you will be able to compare this rough to the final piece.

Okay, I've had dinner and now it's back to work. (And I will still be watching the Rays play while I work)

This digital rough was done in Photoshop CS5

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