Thursday, December 11, 2008

Valentine Vixen #4 - Finished

Here is the second of the Valentine Vixens. Four more to go by Monday. This is another one that was "inked" in Adobe Illustrator and colored in Adobe Photoshop. Actually went faster than the first one, pretty short learning curve I guess. I just found I was doing more intuitively. I'm enjoying the process. They will make nice clean prints. And I still have the original color pencil art that can be sold.

Also, this is a variation of this one that is topless. The other finished one is done that way as well. One layer in Photoshop is just the tops. Turn off the layer, save it, and I have a PG-13 rated version. Nifty! 


Royce Thrower said...

Your final colors are really making these pop off the computer screen Gene. Loved the pencil sketches but these final versions really work!

Robin/Harleychick said...

Cant wait to tube this baby..She is one hot vixen~ Love the jumprope.

Love and hugs...xo