Thursday, December 4, 2008

Flight Jacket - Digital Sketch

I was about to post the final image but then thought everyone might like to see the process of doing this sketch. Because I do each step in different layers it was easy to put this together. I had the pose in mind already. I roughed out the pose on the first layer, trying to get the gesture down.

As I moved to the second layer, I realized her breast were too large. So a bit of reduction and refining and I have her body pretty close to how I want her. I have also roughed in the clothes.
When I moved to the next layer to refine even further (middle image) I realized her head was too big. Using pencil on paper, this would have been a pain. But this is an easy fix since I am working digitally. I use the lasso tool to select her head and neck and reduce them by 8%. That looks about right, so I then have to add a few lines and erase a few lines to get the head to match up with the body. Pretty quick fix.

The fourth image requires a few more color adjustments. For the final image, I turn off the first three layers (the sketchy lines) so they cannot be seen, clean up any over painted areas and add a background color and texture. 40 minutes total. This piece would require quite a bit more work to make it a finished piece.


Royce Thrower said...

Gene, I have said it before but it bears repeating...I love to see your "process" revealed and see the sketch as it develops! Your narrative really helps too! I especially like peeking at your construction lines in the early stages. I have never seen anyone "place" the hip joints like you have. I can almost see you mind at work as you "imagined" the sketch. Thanks much for the peek.

Gene Gonzales said...

Hey Royce, thanks! I had already uploaded the final art when it crossed my mind to go back to the layered file and make individual images and then put them together to show the progression. I'm glad the extra effort is appreciated. :)

Gary M. Peiffer said...


Appreciate all you do to shoe AND explain the process. You are a great teacher!

Was this piece done for a specific purpose? Presume you used the Wacom tablet tool?


Gene Gonzales said...


Thanks. I hope nobody's eyes glaze over when I start going on and on and on...

This was just for fun. And to experiment. I did use my Wacom Tablet. I really want to buy a Wacom Cintiq,but it is pretty pricey. I tried one at MegaCon this year and really love it. Maybe I will do a sketch auction in March to help finance it! ;) If you haven't seen the Cintiq, check it out:

SwanShadow said...

One of the many qualities I enjoy about your art, Gene, is the wonderfully lifelike proportion of your figures. That level of detail, subtle though it is, makes all the difference.

How many artists -- especially in mainstream comics today -- would have the temerity to say that a female character's breasts might actually be too big? :)