Thursday, December 18, 2008

Roadmap for success

I thought I would share this comp I did for the Labs. This was actually done for them, not for one of their clients. The goal on this was to present a vision of the future for the Labs. I did this as a rough a couple of times and tweaked it with their input. The final art was done on a white board and photographed for the presentation off site. I wish I could have done this as a full illustration but I believe they wanted it on a white board as part of their brand. Which is understandable. Still, I think this would have been cool in full color. The background people on the horizon ended up being dropped. They represented the four key players at the Labs.

I spent the entire day at the Labs today. Not working though. No artist was needed today. And it was just the space that was used. The company I did one of those big 3' x 5' maps for had one of the last pilots for their client. Since I did the art for it and because they invited me, I got to be a participant in the pilot program. The client had a couple of people representing them too. They came in from Pittsburgh. It was my first time going through one of these simulations that I have worked on and it was great. The topic is Applied Behavior Science. Not my area of expertise, but I was surprised how much I knew without knowing the terminology. Anyway, it was very enjoyable and I learned some interesting information. Glad I was invited to take part.


Gary M. Peiffer said...

Applied Behavior Science?

Funny the places where your art career is taking you!


Gene Gonzales said...

Yes it is Gary. Thanks for posting.

Royce Thrower said...

Applied Behavior Science....

Does this mean you are studying to be a hypnotist? The Puppet Master?

Or do you have some other diabolical scheme hatching?

Gene Gonzales said...

Well, stage one has been a success Royce. I can't tell you what it is though. You will have to continue to come here for brain scans, I mean, art work, in order to find out. ;)