Sunday, December 7, 2008

Valentine Vixen #3 - Pencils

What a busy day! I did finish up what I believe will be the last revisions to a 5' x 3' piece of art I have been working on. Plus misc. graphic elements I designed and produced. AND I finished adding color to Brian's Batgirl. (Scanning it tomorrow). AND I did a couple of pieces of art for another job. AND I did the Valentine Vixen above. I penciled her with a red Col-Erase pencil on 11" x 14" Bristol Board. This one and the others I have produced are just the prelims for the final art I submit to CILM. I do need to do three more and then dive in to finishes. The final pieces will probably be simpler in style as I work on them. I find it's easier to put more down and subtract as I work towards the finish. Time to get some rest!


Gary M. Peiffer said...


Thanks for posting. I think I know you where you are headed when you are talking about your simpler style, but gosh, these look great!

Hey, how about another red head for Royce?

Or a Valentine Lemming?


Royce Thrower said...

Gary, I think WE are the Valentine Lemmings! lol We as a gorup sure are following Gene's posts, and enjoying every minute I might add. :)

Hey Gene, not sure if anyone has ever told you about it or not but Sunday in supposed to be a day of rest! Just sayin'. :)

Gary M. Peiffer said...


"Gene's Lemmings". Better ring to it than "Gene's Fanboys" :-)


Gene Gonzales said...

This obsession with lemmings is starting to scare me. ;)

Robin/Harleychick said...

Went through the whole blog because I have been sick and missed ALOT....
Sorry hon!

BUT WOW....this is amazing...going to look deeper at the rest! xo