Sunday, September 4, 2011

Conventionless Convention Sketches Are Back!

I've been asked when I would be running another Conventionless Convention Sketch deal again. The last one being in April. I had been saying I would do another near the end of summer and without realizing it, here we are near the end of Summer. So...


CONVENTIONLESS CONVENTION SKETCHES (CCS)! It's just like a regular con sketch that I would do for you at a convention, except no crowds, no convention hall food, no hotel bill, and no travel. And the price is the same as a show sketch. You only have to pay extra for shipping. Still cheaper than going to a show. If you have been waiting to get a black and white, inked single character sketch from me, now is the time to get it. Or with the holidays coming up real fast, it's a great time to get a piece of original art for a friend and/or loved one. :)

Here are the details...


$50.00 for a single character, inked on 11" x 17" bristol board. I am not doing multiple characters on a single board. Shipping is $12.00. No matter how many sketches you get! Buy 1: Shipping is $12.00! Buy 20, shipping is $12.00! (Just an FYI, my normal studio price starts at $75.00 plus shipping!). This shipping cost is US only, sorry. If you are outside the US, contact me for shipping costs.

I am going to take a total of 20 commissions. Assuming I get 20 requests, of course. Any background elements will be at my discretion. All sketches will be done October 3, 2011. Payment is PayPal only. (No e-checks, please).

If you are interested, send me an email to gene_gonzales(at)mac(dot)com with Conventionless Convention Sketch in the subject line and let me know what you would like. That address and subject line are very important. It helps me sort the requests from other emails. That email address is also my PayPal account, but check with me before sending money, please. I do reserve the right to turn down requests that I don't feel comfortable drawing. If you have any questions, please email me.

Posted above are examples of the last CCS I ran in April.

Please tell your friends, tweet it on Twitter, Face it on Facebook...okay that last one didn't sound right, but you get the idea. :)