Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Bonus Post! Guest Artist: Joe Pekar & Announcement!

I will be posting some art later today, but in the meantime I have a bonus post for everyone...

Joe Pekar is my guest artist today. I think everyone here knows Joe's work, but if you don't know his work, you are in for a treat. Joe is known for his cute pin-up girls, his comic creation BRANDI BARE and lately for his covers for Zenoscope. What you might not know is Joe also has a background in animation and video game concept illustration/design. I was a fan of Joe's work long before I met him. His color work blows me away to the point that I feel like I should just work in black and white from now on. We finally met a few years ago and became quick friends, often traveling to conventions together and/or sit near each other at the shows. Below are a couple of Joe's recent pieces but check out Joe's Deviant Art site for more examples of his work.

Death © DC Comics  Artwork © 2011 Joe Pekar

Artwork © 2011 Joe Pekar

A couple of weeks ago Joe brought up the idea of me and him doing a weekly blog together. Both of us have enjoyed what other artists have done on group blogs and it seems like fun. So we are starting a blog. Just the two of us. We will be taking suggestions from everyone and both of us will tackle the idea/concept/character. Neither of us want to be tied just to superheroes. This isn't a competition (whew!), just a fun way to see how two artist approach the same idea.

Here is where we need some help. We need a name. We are still brainstorming it ourselves, but if anyone has suggestions we would love to hear them. Maybe we could work out some kind of prize if we use your suggestion. So feedback, I would like to hear what you think. Tired of artist group blogs or ready to see what we will do?

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John Matthew Stater said...

Personally - I love group blogs. Really, I love any excuse for artists to create art and inspire me with it.

As for a name - I don't know - "Two Men and a Pencil", "We Draw", "Geoff"

As for a concept - I'm not an artist, but I was recently toying with the idea of transposing a '60s Marvel character with a '30's/'40's DC character. Like - what if Spider-Man had been created in 1938 and Superman in 1962. I'd love to see some actual artists play with that concept.

Unknown said...


I actually really like Two Men and a Pencil. or something like that!

Lan Pitts said...

I'd love to see what you two maniacs come up with.

Little John said...

Oh, I love the idea of the two of you doing a blog together. This sounds great!

As far as the name a couple come to mind: Inkslingers, Two Guys and an Idea, Hangin' on the Lanai, or Hey Kids, Art!

I would love to see each of your takes on the classic Universal Monsters.

Brian Jones said...

Very cool news! Looking forward to seeing what you and Joe come up far as a name how about "Make it a double...."

Royce Thrower said...

I love this idea..

A couple of names come to mind but I can give it more thought as time passes and rest reaches my tired body.

Let there be...ART!
The Artful Dodgers
Two Perspectives
A Room with TWO Views
Dodge vs Burn
Art...Take TWO!
All right pardner...DRAW!

Ugghh. These are all bad.

Anonymous said...

thanks Gene for the guest artist post! I'm honored :)

I'm glad to hear you are all interested in the new blog idea. should be fun.

and I'm really digging little john's idea on the classic universal monsters. i've wanted to do a bride of frankenstein piece for a while, so that was a good reminder :)


Royce Thrower said...

actually Joe, I have a little Bride of Frankie theme going...

Joe Pekar said...

that's cool royce, i didn't know that.