Saturday, April 11, 2009

Rocketeer to the rescue!

Dave Stevens created a great character in the Rocketeer. I remember when the back-up stories first appeared in Starslayer. I loved it. The American Comic Book Company had him in for a signing right around that time. I used to buy my books there and by accident I happened in on that day. I think Dave was the first comic professional I ever met. Him or Gerry Conway, I'm not sure. But I do remember talking to him briefly and let him know how much I liked his creation. I'm also a big fan of the movie. So when Andrew asked for a Rocketeer commission, I was all over it. This was done in ink and graphite. Thanks Andrew!


Gary M. Peiffer said...


How long ago was it when you first met Dave Stevens?

Very nice Rocketeer by the way! A character that is not seen very much, but is memorable none the less.


Royce Thrower said...

Love the pulp feel for this character. I like your version, Gene. Does anyone know the status of the character since Dave passed? Any rumors about further adventures?

Gene Gonzales said...

Gary, I met Dave at The American Comic Book Company in North Hollywood sometime after the second part of his Rocketeer back up story came out. I don't remember the year. The store was a second floor walk up and was small. Actually to say "small" is really an understatement. The store was probably 10' x 12' with a 10' hallway that connected to it. Putting Dave at a table to sign ate up quite a bit of space. It was the second direct market comic book store I found. The first being Passport Comics in North Hollywood.

Thanks Royce. I don't know what is up with the rights. Maybe his family has them. No news about new adventure either. Funny thing, have you ever seen a story page of Dave's Rocketeer art in anyone's collection? I haven't.

Unknown said...

This is a really slick rendition of the Rocketeer, Gene!

I think one of the reasons you don't see the character too often is that there just aren't many artists that can do his retro-cool look justice. Dave Stevens, after all, is a pretty hard act to follow! A brilliant talent gone way too soon.

Brian Jones said...

Great Rocketeer and I echo the Stevens comments. Probably one of the first artists I remember picking up a book just because he did the cover.