Thursday, April 30, 2009

Beach Baby & BaliHa'i

I am currently working on a Wonder Woman Canson Cutie (WWCC?) but that is not done so I can't share it yet. So first up is a sketch for my next batch of CILM pin-ups. I am planning on doing a series of Bathing Beauties through the ages. More sketches to come.
Now here is an exciting bit of news. The BaliHa'i shirts are here!!! The BaliHa'i shirts are here!!! Below are some shots I borrowed from the BaliHa'i Project website. These shirts are great! I am so happy with the reproduction of the artwork I did for them and the quality of the shirts is outstanding. How do I know? Well, Chris at Tiki Trading Company, LLC (The BaliHa'i folks) sent a nice care package of shirts for me, Deena and Dakota!
If you could use an extra t-shirt and wouldn't mind a bit of my artwork on your back, please head over to the BaliHa'i Project web site and click on the Accessories and Ts link.
And thanks again Chris for the shirts!


Gary M. Peiffer said...

Both the beach cutie (can't wait for the red head, right Royce?) and the T-shirt design are great! With the WWCC on the way, life is good!

Craig Zablo said...

Congrats on the shirts... and nice sketch!

Royce Thrower said...

Very nice Beach Babe Gene. And Gary is right, even the fair skinned/easily burned redhead needs to be included!! The shirts are awesome, think I might have room in my T-Shirt drawer for one of these!! Nice gesture for the nice folks to send your whole family a sample shirt. In fact, I can hear it now the next time you ask Dakota to take out the garbage...

"Would you get OFF my back Dad??!!

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Gary. Working on WWCC right now.

Thanks Craig!

Thanks Royce! I think I am going to save the redhead for the 1940s or 1950s Bathing Beauty. Gonna have to show the burn. :) Wow, you know Dakota.