Saturday, July 25, 2009

Phantom Lady - Commission Process 1

A few weeks ago I posted a Phantom Lady rough for a commission I am doing for Kevin. It was tightened up, transfered to the final board and then I thought I could do something better for the body language. So I did another sketch and sent it to Kevin. His thought was maybe we didn't need the whole body in the shot. Maybe waist up was what he was thinking. I thought it was a good idea but suggested from the thighs up. He agreed and I cropped the sketch to see how it would look.
The background elements would have to be moved around and the word balloon placement adjusted but I think this works much better. This also enables be to focus on the main parts of the illustration that make the joke: Her expression and her breasts.
On the left is the beginnings of the painting process. I have outlined everything in acrylic paint. I am using fluid acrylics for this piece. I treat them just like I would watercolors, thinning them down and building up from light to dark. On the right is the progress of Phantom Lady today. She is almost to a finished point. Then I will paint the background. At that point I will probably do some minor touches to Phantom Lady and she will be done.

Check back tomorrow for the final art.


Lan Pitts said...

Tease. Dirty tease.

Royce Thrower said...

I know the theme of the pic is "chilly" but all I can say is "HOT-DARN!" (Purposefully scrubbed and disinfected for the kiddies!)

The painting here is fabulous Gene. There is a WonderGirl in your gallery someplace that I absolutely love the paintjob on, and this is reminding me of that one. I ccan't wait for the final product to be unveiled!!

Gary M. Peiffer said...


Glad that you appear open to suggestions and back and forth interaction on the proposed pieces, I know that there are a few artists who, well, don't like to do that!

The progress on the painting, especially the face, is absolutely gorgeous! Please share the final piece!


Gene Gonzales said...

Lan - Tease? Me? :)

Thanks Royce!

Gary - Honestly it depends on the price of the piece. For the more expensive pieces (read as more complex) I do work with the person commissioning it if I find a need to. I don't normally like to spend much back and forth on the inked pieces though. Thanks!