Friday, May 8, 2009

The Silk Spectre - Roughs

This is a short post today. I have spent all day working on the sketchbook. I plan to have all the production done by Sunday night. I will be using a print on demand service like I have in the past. I hope to have a printed copy in the next week or two for editorial purposes and then order for the show.

I have taken on another fun commission from Kevin Hare. Kevin always, and I mean always, has fun with his requests. I enjoy each and everyone I do for him. This one will involve the Silk Spectre (the second one) and since I have never drawn her before I decided to do some costume sketches. I will need to know all the details of the costume for this piece. More later.

Don't forget, Scarlet Witch ends tomorrow on eBay. :)

Have a good weekend everyone!


Craig Zablo said...

You are a working machine, Gene.

Gene, Gene, the working machine!

Gary M. Peiffer said...


Interesting, I don't think I recall seeing your sketchbook roughs surrounded with black. Guess you are doing this to see how the pose and costume colors work with a dark background?

Free for all with your sketchbook but no numbering? Got it. I will simply write in "001" when I purchase mine.

Bet there will be a lemming somewhere in that sketchbook too!

Going to see Star Trek tonight!


Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Craig! :)

Hey Gary, I can think of one other piece that I posted like this. Only because I have been looking at a ton of past images for the book. There was a flight suit I was designing for a character that I put the black around. My main reason for doing it is the white paper can be distracting. It is tough to see things properly sometimes with all the white paper reflecting light back at your eyes. So by putting a dark color or even a gray, it helps.

I will be order sketchbooks as I need them, so I won't be buying 500 or more at a time and sitting on them from show to show. And with no finite number to order, I decided to skip the numbering. It also allows the book to continue to be produced. My first book is down to the last 15 (10 of which are mine to keep) and the second book is down to about 25, of which 10 I will keep.

Lemmings in the sketchbook? You will love the last page. :)

We are going to see Star Trek tonight as well! Thanks!

Royce Thrower said...

Saw Star Trek LAST night on the opening here in Nc.


Is it too early to pre-order tickets for the sequel? I can't wait!

Gene Gonzales said...

We are right there with you Royce. Great movie!