Friday, May 22, 2009

Atom Eve - markers

I couldn't sleep last night so I did some work. Gotta love insomnia. This pin-up of Atom Eve (from Invincible) was done with a PITT brush pen and gray tones with my new Copic Markers. This paper is Strathmore 300 Series Bristol Board with the vellum finish. I like the results I got here. I am going to try out the smooth finish later. Though I don't like that surface for penciling. I may even try some papers made specifically for markers too.

The 300 and the 500 series paper was what I did all my comic art on. But it would have to be cut down to 11" x 17" which was a pain and a waste. So I started using the Canson Fanboy (hate that name) Comic Book Boards. Precut and blue lines made it ready to go. Last night while insomnia and I were hanging out, I ordered a few more Copic Markers to round out what I need, and I was going to order the larger sheets of Strathmore 300 series bristol boards when I found that Strathmore has entered the comic book precut/bluelined arena. They have their 200 series, 300 series and 500 series boards in 24 loose packs and taped pads. They are called Strathmore Sequential Art Surfaces. Nice name. Tommy Castillo even did the illustrations on the covers of the packages. And the price is comparable per sheet to what I was buying before and cutting down to size. Check out the product at the Strathmore Site.

And for anyone interested, I put the Marvel Girl pin-up on eBay last night. You can find her here.

Have a good weekend!


John said...


Last weekend, when in Orlando, I stopped in the Sam Flax there and they had the Strathmore boards! :)

I picked up a pad of 11x17" 300 series to try...the 500 series, which I've tried b4 is to slick, even for me.

They missed out on using their 400 series...I think this is their best paper!

I need to do some restocking on supplies myself! Sam Flax didn't have the BIG pitt marker brush, and I order my copics from DickBlick I'll be picking up some stuff in about a week.

I need some software updates too...ahh...expenses!

But, I do have the same feeling when I get 'new' supplies...I get juiced to work! :)

Nice job that a blender copic you also got, in the "Art Supplies" post?

Gene Gonzales said...

Hey John - I agree, the 400 series is their best paper. I bought the 500 series to try years ago and, well, I still have some.

With the Copics, you just use the grays right? What grays do you get? I picked up the neutrals and I like them. But I wondered about the cools. I normally stay away from warms. I didn't pick up a blender. Because in my experience with other markers if you are working on an absorbent paper, the blender can't do much for you. Is it different with the Copics?

FYI, I have found another Copic supplier that is almost 1.00 less expensive than Dick Blick. I didn't order from them because I needed paper too and two shipping costs wouldn't be any good. But if you are ordering just Copics, check it out:

BTW, we still need to chat. You have my numbers still?

I hope this isn't too "inside baseball" for anyone else here. :)

Landroid said...

This is just me, and I'm somewhat of a Canson person. The ink bleeds less and I feel like I have more control. Now I haven't tried the pricey Strathmore 500, but I don't anybody who can give feedback on that.

But that's just me.

Patman said...

I really like how light and airy Atom Eve in this piece.

J Faraci said...

That's a really neat Atom Eve, Gene!

Is this the first time you've drawn her?

Whatever the case, it's cool watching you play with the Copics!

Gary M. Peiffer said...

I did not have a clue that paper could have so many technical differences that drive preference by the artist. I just like what is on the paper after the artist is done!!!

Love what you are doing with the Copic markers! What Copic marker colors/shades are you finding the most useful? And are the Copics you are using the brush or nib?


Gene Gonzales said...

Landroid - It always depends on what you are going for and what you are comfortable with. Thanks!

Thanks Pat!

Jonathan - Yup that was the first time I have drawn Eve. Thanks!

Gary - Right now all I have is a few of the Neutral Grays. The markers are not cheap, the lowest price I have seen is still more than 4.50/each. So I didn't invest to much. The ones I have are the classic square barrel type with the nib on on side and the broad nib on the other.