Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Even more concept art

Another piece of art for a pitch I am working on with writer J.C. Vaughn. Here is an update on comic work:

Perils on Planet X is still in progress. I work on inking the second issue when I can. I just haven't shown anything in a while because I have probably shown too much of that issue. I don't have a script for the third and last issue so there is no urgency to finish up the last 6-8 pages of inks.

Diary of Night was supposed to be in progress by now. I should have been working on the 3rd or 4th issue of the monthly run by now. But the publisher has to a few more things to get straightened out for us to move forward.

Hot Target is what I have been doing samples for. It is a creator owned project but I won't be working on it unless we can secure a publisher and a page rate.

So nothing on the publishing horizon yet. But that can change at anytime. :)


Gary M. Peiffer said...


If I may say, it is a disservice to comic fans that your work in not published more frequently! Hopefully Hot Targets or PoPX will change that.

Question, do you send submissions to the big comic Companies (or have communications) to let them know you are out here and willing to do work?

Gary M. Peiffer said...

...and another thing. Concerning the posted concept art, I am SURE I see a small lemming hiding in the bushes in the background!


Royce Thrower said...

You know how it is Gene... all three of those projects will come through at the SAME TIME!! Then you will not be able to catch a breath for months on end. Like trouble, good things also come in threes!

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks for the kind words Gary. I don't really pursue work from the big companies. It is such a crap shoot unless you have an in. I know plenty of artists working in comics but have never "piggy backed" on them for work. One thing that turned me off to working for the big guys was the lack of professionalism I had to endure to work with DC way back when. Even with Marvel. I flew to NYC for a meeting years ago only to find the editor was not in. His assistant knew nothing about it either. Since it was a Friday meeting, and I was leaving on Sunday, there was nothing I could do. Completely different than any other area of publishing in my experience. And since other areas paid a lot more, I stopped submitting samples. That said, it does seem that the business of comics has stepped up quite a bit in recent years. Maybe it is time to make some contacts.

And yes, if you saw a lemming, I'm sure it was there. ;)

Royce, you are probably right! :) Let's hope!