Monday, May 4, 2009

More Concept Art

Today we have some more presentation art for a project I am working on with J.C. Vaughn. Always remember to sit inside the moving vehicle and to use your seatbelt.

This was done in pencil on bristol board with some digital graytone and effects.

And remember, May the Fourth be with you, always. :)


Gary M. Peiffer said...


Is this what driving is like in Florida?

Speaking of projects (and you are juggling a lot), what is the status of Perils on Planet X? Are you done drawing the pages for the book, or is it still work in progress?


Gene Gonzales said...

Hey Gary, the driving is nothing like this down here when the Snow Birds are here for the winter months. Quite the opposite: Me yelling in my car, "Go! Go! The light is GREEN!" :)

I think I will answer your question about Planet X and other projects in a post. Too much to cover here. :) Thanks!