Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Rescue Me!

I'm quoting Aretha here, not the TV show. Another beach cutie in the rough. This needs more work in the composition but I think it has promise. Worked through my block today and finished the first draft of the artwork and sent it in for feedback. Even did more work in the Cognitive Neuroscience book too. All in all a good productive day. This cutie was drawn in my sketchbook with color pencil.


Gary M. Peiffer said...


Yeah, she definately has promise!!! Glad that you have worked through your block...just in time for cognitive neuroscience.

BTW, have you officially decided not to come to Pittsburgh? Just checked the website, looks like Michael Turner, Herb Trimpe and a few others have cancelled. Darth Vader (David Prowse) is iffy. Think I am going anyway....gives me an excuse to take off of work!


Royce Thrower said...

Wow, what a happy scene this is...even the lifeguard float seems to be smiling!!

Congrats on working through your bloc.

Gene Gonzales said...

Gary - Thanks. I will not be in Pittsburgh. There is just no way I can make it. I wish I could, PIttsburgh is my favorite show. Always cool people to chat with there. And I love doing the quick sketch and the Make-A-Wish auction. Sigh.

Royce - Thanks. Just had to get my brain around the job and it was smoother sailing after that.