Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Dread Baby

I have no idea where this fun girl came from. I started to sketch out a pose in my sketchbook and when I got it where I liked it, I turned to the next page to tighten it up and add clothes, hair, etc. Quick aside, I work backwards through my sketchbooks. The paper isn't very thick and I can see through it enough to redraw something I like without having to the rough it out again or transfer to another piece of paper. So I stared adding details and this is what came out. The dreads were the first thing to make itself known, after that everything else fell into place. I think I just might paint this one in acrylic. Color pencil in my sketchbook. About 45 minutes. Somedays they come real easy. :)


Bloggin' StarLady's Studio said...

I love this one!!! She is cute. Wish I could use her on a sig tag already.
I hope you are giving that one to C.I.L.M. hehe.

Craig Zablo said...

Bang! Over the wall... another home run!

Brian Jones said...

You gotta finish her in color...toooo nice!

Royce Thrower said...

45 minutes well spent!!

Of course at the current exchange rate, 45 minutes equals about 3/4 of an hour. :)

Normally not a fan of the dreads, but she is so cute that I think I will make an exception this time! LOL

Looking forward to seeing the colors on this one as the pose is top notch!

Bloggin' StarLady's Studio said...

couldn't have said it better royce! :)

Gary M. Peiffer said...

She is just lovely!

Work backwards in the sketchbook? Sounds like a local habit in the area I live in. People tend to read the newspaper from the back page to the front. Not sure what that is, but certainly has nothing to do with recreating a sketch on the last page!


Gene Gonzales said...

Wow, this one caused a stir. Thanks everyone for taking time to comment!

Starlady - Thanks! She will be heading to CILM for my next update.

Craig - Thanks, I can almost hear your comment from an announcers booth at a ball game. :)

Brian - Will do, thanks!

Royce - You are a time management guru! And I'm glad I could expand your taste to include dreads. At least this time. ;)

Gary - Thanks! I wonder if those folks reading the newspaper from back to front get a better understanding of current events. Hmmmmm. :)

Bloggin' StarLady's Studio said...