Monday, February 25, 2008

Flight Suit

Another Sally Volt concept piece for today. This was all I had time for this morning. Besides sending out a quote on a job and some character sketches, I had a gig at the Labs doing my whiteboard art for 300 participants. Whew!

This was done in my sketchbook with Photoshop colors added. One hour or maybe a little less.


Gary M. Peiffer said...


Thanks for sharing!

I like the flight suit, it reminds me of the suits that the characters from the Star Trek Enterprise series wore. The yellow goggles are a nice add to add variety to the color scheme.

Hope you had fun at the Lab!


Royce Thrower said...

I agree with the flight suit design.

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks guys. With the exception of the first episode with the showing/cleansing scene, I didn't watch the series. But I'm not worried about my suit looking too much like theirs. Sally only wears hers for a short time. (Wait, that didn't sound right.)

The Lab gig was fun and as always challenging. 300 people! I was exhausted.