Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Psyche - (The Wanderers) - Conventionless Convention Sketches

Psyche © DC Comics

Psyche, the first of the seven heroes known as The Wanderers that I will be posting here. She is a mistress of emotions.

The Wanderers first appeared back in Adventure Comics #375 (1968) as a group of heroes of the 30th century. That first appearance had the Wanderers meet and befriend the Legion, then battle them when the Wanderers were exposed to the Nefar Nebula. The radiation of that nebula does a character reversal to a person when exposed to it. It's only last about two weeks though. :) This is for Michael.

Side note: The Wanderers had their own 13 issue comic book back in 1988 which was drawn by the late, great Dave Hoover. That was the first time I was exposed to Dave's work and loved it. Dave was a great guy who I always enjoyed talking and catching up with at the Pittsburgh Comic Con.

Ink on 11" x 17" bristol board.

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