Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Conventionless Convention Sketches - The Finale

Thanks to everyone who got a sketch. When I announced I would be taking requests, it was a completely different world for me. And while I try not to let life get in the way of work, it still does. Thank you all for your patience and your ongoing interest in my work. Hope you enjoy these.

Lamont and friend

Legionnaires © DC Comics

Legionnaires © DC Comics

Legionnaires © DC Comics

Sailor Moon

Crimson Avenger © DC Comics

Ink on 11" x 17" bristol board.

This is Post #1997


Jude Deluca said...

Eeee! Before I forget, that one Legionnaire cadet with the short hair? I think Chris Batista called him a version of Reflecto. I actually ran by names for all those unnamed cadets Chris created to him to get them validated if you want to hear them Gene.

Gene Gonzales said...

Hey Peter, Just saw your comment! Yeah, I would love to know the names of the unknown cadets/Legionnaires. I have drawn so many of them it would be cool to solve that mystery.

Jude Deluca said...

Black-skin with pigtails: Quinkan
Pigtail: Mass Lass