Thursday, January 24, 2013

Fun with a (digital) Pencil

Art © 2013 Gene Gonzales

Last weeks post about the cover process for the Perils on Planet X cover got me thinking. The process I used to paint years ago involved doing full pencils drawings. Developing the values with the pencil, blocking in color with an airbrush and then defining with color pencils and paint. So for a warmup today I wanted to try and mimic drawing with a pencil digitally.

I had a photo on one screen and was using it as a reference while I drew on my Cintiq. I had to play with the brush/pencil settings a bit before I got to a line quality I liked. Color of the pencil was another factor. Finding that right shade of graphite was tricky. The other interesting thing was not changing the pencil size to cover big areas. Something I could do digitally but certainly couldn't using a real pencil. Over all I think this worked for a quickie.

Digital drawing in Photoshop CS5

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Royce Thrower said...

love the results on this one Gene. I swear I see some Curt Swan qualities to this piece. MORE!

Gene Gonzales said...

I don't believe you could have given me a higher complement, Royce. Thanks! :)