Thursday, January 10, 2013

Conventionless Convention Sketches - Extra Innings

Okay, so I might be a junkie. Or at least a creature of habit. I was going through withdrawals from this blog. That went away. Sometimes I would have a moment of panic in the evening: "I didn't post!". That too has calmed down. I have been busy though and that was the plan. If you want to hear from me and what I am doing on a daily basis make sure you follow me on Twitter. There is a link in the right column. More info after the art...

Below are the remaining CCSs. First up is one for Steven. He requested a young lady in a Cheongsam dress. Thanks Steven!

Art © 2012 Gene Gonzales

Roxy © DC Comics

Sean asked for the one next two. Gen 13s, Roxy in a Slave Leia outfit and Rogue in her current uniform. Both fun pieces. Thanks Sean!

Rogue © Marvel Entertainment

The next one isn't technically a CCS but I finished it with the rest. Gary saw the rough pencil version of this when I posted it. He commissioned me to finish it. Thanks Gary!

Goblin Queen © Marvel Entertainment

News: PERILS ON PLANET X is a web comic series by writer Chris Mills and myself. We are  are serializing the entire 90+ pages, one page a week, at It launches February 1st. You can read more about the series there. We have also set up a Facebook page for the series at We are both very excited to finally be able to share the comic with everyone. It has been years in the making. Really. Years. And you can start reading the first chapter February 1st. I hope you will join us. And I hope you will get the word out to everyone you know. :)

In the week I will be finishing up a couple of commissions and then adding another project to my list of things to do. 2013 is going to be very productive!

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Gary M. Peiffer said...

Thanks for sharing these fine commissions!


Unknown said...

Very awesome!!!

Patrick Hulman said...

hey gene your link is broken. you forgot the X.

Gene Gonzales said...

Fixed! Thanks Pat!