Thursday, May 17, 2012

Sketchbook Thursday - In Which The Artist Whines A Bit

Art © 2012 Gene Gonzales

It's been a rough week on both personal and professional fronts. Just in the way I haven't had much time for anything. It should be okay in the next week. Personal is getting in the way of Professional and I really hate that. I try hard to keep everything in line but sometimes stuff happens and there isn't anything you can do about it. Anyone who checks out the 2-pt Perspective Blog I do with Joe Pekar will notice that once again I am going to be late in posting. Couldn't be helped but I still feel bad about it.

Above is one of 5 or 6 roughs I did for the X-23 post on the other blog. The others were trashed. I will get this done and share it over there sometime before next week. Speaking of the other blog, if anyone would like to get the word out about it to others, it would be greatly appreciated. Our numbers just don't seem to be growing and we would like more of an audience. I'm not sure about the reason (maybe missing a scheduled post? Doh!) but any good word of mouth would be great. Tell them about this one too. :) The remainder of 2012 is going to be interesting here, and I hope entertaining.

So after three days of on-site working, and evenings of trying to catch up on everything that is falling behind, I am joining my lovely wife for a Rays game. We will be in a suite behind home plate at Tropicana Field watching the Rays take on Boston. Getting out will be nice and relaxing, and if the Rays win, even better.

Pencil in my sketchbook.

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Unknown said...

*hugs* I hope everything is okay!

I always try to repost the pictures w/ links on Tumblr for your personal blog and 2-point :)

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Hope the Rays win. One thing that may be putting off some folks on the blog is the infernal "prove you are not a robot test". Half the time, I have to reenter the two distorted words 2-3 times before the post will be accepted. Certainly not something you can control, but it is a bit of an annoyance.