Friday, January 27, 2012

Work in Progress - The Big Commission Inks

The Kents © DC Comics

Anybody else remember this family? I sure miss them.

They were an older couple who adopted the boy and they ran a general store in a small town. Very kind hearted parents who taught their son the difference between right and wrong, how to help others in need, and to protect all life to the best of his ability. The boy had some close friends that he could always depend on. A cute red head who's curiosity sometimes got the best of her. A blond boy who could be trusted with the boy's biggest secrets and a faithful dog that would do anything in the universe for him. Sometimes there was trouble. People from way out of town would drop by and make a mess of things. Or that poor kid who lost all his hair. He was a troubled one. But the boy was always there to put things right.

Sometimes the boy had friends that came from way out of town. They wore colorful clothes that were in fashion where they were from. Sometimes the boy went to visit them. Adventures were had. Those friends always looked up to the boy because they knew his heart and knew he was destined for great things. And they were right.

Luckily I have many albums with images of this family and their friends. So when I really long to see all of them, I can still visit. And adventures are had. 

(This is a detail of the Big Commission inks. Big thanks to Royce for letting me share the progress of this piece I am doing for him.)

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Little John said...

This really needs to be turned into a print when it's finished. IMHO

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks LJ. It would look really cool in color. I am having a blast with it.

Royce Thrower said...

Ha ha great narrative Gene... and I know what you mean... I miss them too. A boy, his dog, and a few Super-Powers make for a great Saturday afternoon!

Charlie Ramirez said...

oh wow it's really popping. Love even the background lines! Royce is one lucky guy by the minutes!