Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Batgirl - Digital Rough

Batgirl © DC Comics

Tomorrow's subject on the 2-Point Perspective blog is Batgirl. I normally draw the Barbara Gordon Batgirl but someone (I don't remember who, sorry) said they would like to see the Cassandra Cain Batgirl.  Visually I don't find the character that interesting with her cowl on. At least the one where her eyes and mouth are covered. But I do like her face under the mask. Though I have no idea why she would be out and about without a mask.

I've been doodling the basic structure of this figure since last night. I wanted to do something different. All of this was done in Photoshop, so when I posted this, I thought it would be cool to show the layers. The purple lines are where I started. As you can see I was undecided about her arms. Should she be holding a rope, a staff? I didn't know. I refined some areas in red. And added the rough indication of hair. When I went to black, I had the idea of her forward arm holding the cape. After that I thought the other arm should be holding the other side of the cape. Okay, at this point I'm liking the sweeping motion of this image. It's a classic shot but looking at it from a different angle. Normally you would probably see this straight on, coming at you. But I am still not sure if it's Barbara or Cassandra. And this is why I like working digitally...their body types are different but I can adjust that easily. No erasing, tearing up the board and redrawing. I can just redraw what needs adjusting on a different layer. Also, I copied the head of the figure and pasted it right next to it. Working on the layer above it, I use it as a guide for the structure of the head and sketch my take on Cassandra without her mask. Now I have options to piece together for the final rough. Which I would print out and light table onto the final board.

Now, black and white or color? Hmmmm.

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yes, yes, yes!!!! I love Cass! Thank you!!!!!!

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