Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Sketchbook Tuesday - Legion State of Mind

Timber Wolf © DC Comics

Just a sketchbook Tuesday folks. I was doodling and it ended up coming out at Timber Wolf from the Dave Cockrum days of the Legion.

I wish I could recapture that excitement I felt when I was young and found back issues of Legion stories. In Superboy and The Legion of Super-Heroes #197, they introduce this look for Timber Wolf. And we learn he was thought to have died in an adventure they recount in this issue. Man, I searched every book store on Hollywood Blvd. for that issue. There wasn't an "editor's note" that said what issue it happened in so I was searching blind. And back then, I hadn't discovered comic book stores because there weren't many of them around. Cherokee Books and Collectors, both on Hollywood Blvd, were the only book stores that I knew that had comics organized. No bags and boards back then. The other book stores just had boxes that you would have to search through. So the big search was on. Only I didn't know that the story was never published, it was just part of the plot for issue #197. Damn. :)

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Dene said...

I was obssessed w/the Legion after discovering these back issues, too, Gene. So exciting to make a new discovery at that age, right?

I searched hi and lo for old Legion stories, too, after finding these-! And I was in the UK and Canada - so comic books were even harder to find there-!