Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The Riddler - Finished

The Riddler © DC Comics

Just finished him about 30 minutes ago. This is done in ink and watercolor on a 8" x 10" Arches Cold Press Watercolor Board. This piece is for sale. Tomorrow I will put him in my Big Cartel shop. But feel free to contact me tonight if you are interested. :)

I will probably be having a few sketchbook days coming up as I work out some of the line art for the two commissions I am doing. Again, I can take one more painted commission for this month if anyone is interested.

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Chris Shields said...

This looks like Lan!

Unknown said...

it does!! and thats kinda creepy.. haha awesome.

Gene Gonzales said...

Are you sure that both of you are not just obsessed with Lan? :) Thanks!