Friday, July 22, 2011

Sketchbook Friday

Supergirl & Linda Lee © DC Comics

It's been too long since I have drawn Kara. After I doodled the top image, I started thinking about how old the original Kara was supposed to be when she first arrived on Earth. That lead to the sketches at the bottom where I was attempting a younger, cartoony version of Supergirl and her secret identity as Linda Lee. I also tried to make her cute but just a little "off". Of course she is going to grow up to be a beauty, but I thought it was fun to have her looks reflect that awkward time of being a "tween" that some kids go through. I would love to do a comic of her in this time period of being in the orphanage and being Superman's secret weapon. Ah well, it was fun.

I thought I would be painting all weekend but a job just came up this morning that needs to be done by Monday. So while I will be painting, I will be working too. :)

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Royce Thrower said...

Ahhhhhh... Linda Lee (el spelled backwards!) Loved this time period too Gene, before she was adopted by the Danvers. Too bad you didn't pitch this to DC for the upcoming "Retro" month. It would have been AWESOME!