Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Waiting on a wave - Sketch #16

This little surfer girl was requested by Royce and I was more than happy to do it. I love doing beach/tropical subjects and this fits the bill. Thanks Royce!

This piece is ink on 11" x 17" Canson Bristol Board.


Royce Thrower said...

"Little Surfer....little one...made my heart come all undone..."

I grew up a huge Beach Boys fan (still am) and have always wanted a "Little Surfer Girl" to call my own. I now am able to check that off my list of things to do!
Thanks Gene. Terrific job!

Gene Gonzales said...

The musical stylings of Royce Thrower, ladies and gentlemen.

I didn't think the Beach Boys were all that popular along the Carolinas. Any time someone said beach music to me, I thought Beach Boys but was told that wasn't beach music. (Insert confused expression here) But I am glad you like her Royce. I was listening to "Sounds of Summer - The Very Best of the Beach Boys" while working on this.

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Gee, I thought the music of the Beach Boys was pretty universal regardless of where one grew up. I was in Ocean City, Maryland over the summer and the BB's were doing a concert at the Convention Center. Imagine still touring after 40ish years!

The Surfer Girl is great. Gene, this style wise, do you consider this "Gonzo", "Gonzo" with modifications, etc? Just something seems different (in a favorable way) with this piece. Maybe just plain Gene magic! Well done!

Gene Gonzales said...

Gary, I thought the same thing until I lived in Tennessee. That's where I was told the Beach Boys is surf music, not beach music. I gave up trying to understand the difference years ago.

The crack I made about the Gonzo style was just a joke because I wasn't drawing in the Anime/Adam Warren style when drawing the Dirty Pair. I tried to do a middle ground between my island girl style and my "realistic" style on this piece. Only because I wasn't sure what style Royce would like. I think it worked out. No wipe out. :)