Saturday, January 15, 2011

Buzzy the Buzz Saw Robot

Buzzy © 2011 Gene Gonzales

I have been working all day on a couple of projects. This piece is from one of them. It's just a sketchy design for a robot that is needed in one panel for the Free Comic Book Day book I am doing for Gemstone Publishing.

I got an interesting voicemail today. Actually two voicemails, a part one and part two. I don't answer my studio phone if the display reads "Private Name, Private Number". I figure it will not be a potential client because I don't know any business that keeps it numbers and name private. Most of the time it turns out to be telemarketing and I don't have time for that. But the person left a voicemail and then called back to leave a part two voicemail. Who was my mystery caller? None other than Nick Pascale. Nick had called to ask if I could correct a post I did in 2009 featuring Duo Damsel of the Legion of Super-Heroes. I had incorrectly stated that Dave Cockrum designed the costume, when it was really Nick. It was an oversight that was corrected in the comments thanks to LUD! I also replied to LUD! that I had forgotten that the costume was in a fan designed costume feature in Adventure Comics. Neither LUD! nor I named Nick as the designer. But I don't think Nick saw the original post on this blog because he mentioned seeing the art and info on where the post was featured that day. Nick gave me the whole interesting story about the costume, the story it first appeared in and some background to the story in a two part voicemail. Way too much for me to listen to and write down while I am working.

So I offer this...

Nick, email me the information if you would like me to share it here. I know you left your phone number in the message but I can't take dictation from my voicemail or from a phone call. But if you email me, I'm sure there are other Legion fans here that would be interested in your part in the Legion Lore. My email address is gene_gonzales (at) mac (dot) com. Look forward to hearing from you via email. As for correcting the post, I will add a footnote to it. I think of my blog as an archive and really don't like to go back and make edits. It's a warts and all kind of thing. But I will make this exception. I can't do anything about where it was reposted though. I hope that works for you.

And just for the record, it's easiest to get in touch with me via email or Twitter. I try to respond as quick as possible. I try to stay away from phone calls and will avoid them unless I am expecting a call. I know I post it on my sites because I do run a business and it would be silly of me not to offer a phone number to potential clients. The funny thing is I don't get many calls from clients, new or existing. Email is almost always the initial and continuing way to communicate. And if a phone conversation is necessary, a time to talk is scheduled. Anyone who has met me knows I love to talk and productivity goes right out the window if I am on the phone. :)

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LUD! said...

Gene, you won't believe this, but I was contacted by Nick via a note on my DeviantArt site as well! Late last year I was on a Legion love fest, and discussed that Nick designed Duo Damsel's 70s costume in a journal posting. He thanked me for remembering him and also relayed a tale about him and Dave Cockrum.


Gary M. Peiffer said...

Seems like a reasonable way to resolve the situation. Actually, it is good to get these kinds of clarifications documented to pass down to the next generaton of Legion fans!


Gene Gonzales said...

Very cool LUD!

I agree Gary!