Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Pittsburgh Comicon - Post Show #2

More sketches of your lunch time viewing...

For Matthew, a Power Girl pin up.

For Paul Monsky, writer/publisher Palisades Press and good girl comic VaVaVaVoom, we have Alina.

And for Jordan, (nephew of our own "Batmite", Brian Jones), a mischievous Harley Quinn.

Check back for your dinner helping of the last four sketches from Pittsburgh ComiCon!


Gary M. Peiffer said...


Keep them coming! Nice to see what the finished Power Girl sketch looks like having seen the preliminary!

I need to find my PG piece and send to you.

Will be back at dinner time!


Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks Gary! Make sure you scroll down for the breakfast club of sketches. :) And once again, it was great chatting with you at the show!

Craig Zablo said...

More goodness... especially like the VaVaVoom piece. LOL! It made me smile just typing that.

Gene Gonzales said...

Craig - I don't think anyone can suppress a smile when they say or type "VaVaVaVoom". Heh! I just smiled.

Brian Jones said...

An FYI on Jordan's Harley as he was leaving the con I asked him if he was giving it to his girlfriend, because he had mentioned that earlier. He stared done at it and said I dont think so, instead he was going to frame it and hang her in his room. Thanks again Gene and he says he'll be back in April to hit you up again.