Saturday, September 5, 2009

BATWOMAN! Canson Cutie

I didn't know I would be posting this piece today. I thought everyone would be stuck with roughs for another page of POPX. But I sent a note to Brian, who had commissioned this to be picked up in Pittsburgh next week, to let him know it was done. I asked if he wanted to see it now or in person. Tough question it seems, but he was up for seeing it now and said I could post it too. So, thank you Brian for the commission and for allowing me to share it tonight. :)

This was done in ink, color pencil and acrylic paint on 11" x 17" Canson Mi-Teintes paper.


Brian Jones said...

Love the pose, sexy confident and ready to kick your ass! I dont know if you been reading her run in Detective Comics...but great stuff. Looking at this Batwoman I'd say you deserve a run in Detective too! Thanks again Gene and see ya in da burgh!

Gary M. Peiffer said...


I have a serious warning for you. You had better check the ID of the person who is identifying themselves as Brian and wanting to pick up this piece! I am a bit tempted to try that myself :-).

Great piece and I bet Brian will be very pleased!.

Also, if you have my piece completed, and need/want to post prior to Pittsburgh, please do so, I don't mind sharing.

Also, are you still taking pre-convention requests?


Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks again Brian! Always fun to visit Gotham. See you soon! :)

No worries Gary, I remember what Brian looks like. :) I haven't got you piece finished yet. It will be done either tomorrow or Monday, but thanks for the okay to post.

I am still taking advance requests. A few of the requests I got I won't be able to do until the convention as those folks have books.

Karen said...

I love the red paper with this. She looks great. Nice choice Brian!