Friday, September 25, 2009

Mirage & Brightwind

For this Friday morning we have New Mutant, Danielle Moonstar (Mirage) as a Valkyrie on her winged horse Brightwind. I remember this New Mutants/X-Men story line and it was one of my favorites at the time. It was fun to revisit it.

This is the second commission for Bill, (Pixie from yesterday being the other one) and both are gifts. Bill gave me the a-ok to share this with everyone today. I hope the gifts go over well, Bill. Thanks again!

Have a good weekend everyone!

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Gary M. Peiffer said...


I am liking these early day postings! Also, I am liking the posting counter, can we keep it until at least 1000?

I like the piece, and especially the work on the horse.

Have a great weekend!


Gene Gonzales said...

Glad you enjoy the early posts Gary. We got lucky with these in that I was suddenly allowed to share them. I will try to remember to add each post number as we go. We have a long way until 1000. Whew!

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Less than one year until 1,000! That will go by quick!