Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Process: Dreadbaby 3a. Painting

Some more color added today. There were some big areas to fill. The way to do that without leaving bands of brush strokes is to load your brush with the water/paint color, tip your board just enough so that when you start at the top of an area with your brush, you slowly chase the paint down the board. Not tipping it too much keeps the water/paint mixture in place so as you move down the area you fill it evenly. As long as you have enough paint loaded in the brush. I also tested picking out the paint on her arms for highlights. This was done with clean water and a clean brush. Work the water lightly over the area and either pick up the paint/water that is loosen from the board with a dry brush or towel. Worked well. I know it's been a slow process. I thought about doing this all at once and post parts of it over a week, but I do want to stay as real-time as possible. So that means, working on her when I can. Oh, and am I the only one who just noticed I never painted her right thigh with a skin tone? Oops!


Gary M. Peiffer said...


The good news about that unfinished thigh is that there will be a Dreadbaby 3b posting!

Thanks again for sharing!


Brian Jones said...

I'm sure you were concentrating on other areas.....Looking good Gene