Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Growth and Cost Control

It was a full day at the Labs today. Helping a company identify areas that they can grow revenue and control costs. It's a tough time for a lot of businesses right now but this one is lucky in that the goals they are trying to achieve are possible without a lot of pain. It was a hard working group of about 75 people. I filled 5 boards, including this final piece to represent some of the main ideas that made the cut. And as always, these are completely done on the fly. No prepping can be done and no sketching it out first. Do or don't here.
Cute pin-up girl tomorrow. :)


Gary M. Peiffer said...


I really enjoyed the themes expressed by your work! A lot of the items and buzzwords used are the same topics at my company! I really liked the way you illustrated the theme of reducing (carbon) footprint! Well done!

Now, bring on the cutie!


Royce Thrower said...

Gene, a question about these whiteboard pieces...

I know that you take pics for yourself but do the companies do the same and actually get further use out of the art? I can definitly see the art accompanying some packaged version of the meeting. just wondering. Enjoy the share as always.

Gene Gonzales said...

Gary - Thanks! Cutie on the way. :)

Royce - The Labs has a person that is taking photos of all white boards and the activities. Photos include the boards the client use for the exercises, brainstorming and the art. There is a documenter on staff that transcribes the conversations and presentations as well as what is hand written on the various boards. This all gets put into a Real Time Record, created using Macromedia Flash Paper. The clients get it as a link in an email the next business day. It's full function meeting notes on steroids. The viewer can zoom in, zoom out, and print. Everything is there from the event. Sometimes the client will request a print of the final piece I do when they are leaving. The Labs will print out a very large poster for them on a HP large format printer. It is almost actual size. Thanks for asking! :)

Royce Thrower said...

Thanks for the info Gene.