Thursday, May 30, 2013

Secret Avengers - Sketch Cover

Secret Avengers and Black Widow © Marvel Entertainment

Squeezed in another sketch cover in between my advance sketches for HeroesCon. I will be putting this  up on eBay later tonight.

Speaking of HeroesCon, it's coming up really fast. Next week at this time I should be almost halfway there. Driving takes a bit of time but it means I can bring as much as I want and not deal with air travel restrictions. And the groping that goes with it.

I am down to my last two HeroesCon advance sketches. I have time to add a few more so if you or someone you know would like a sketch from me just let me know. I will be starting a new list at the show so there is always that option. Details are here for the advance sketch list.

Art was created with ink, Copic marker and acrylic on official Marvel sketch cover stock.

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