Thursday, February 7, 2013

The Pirate Queen - Perils on Planet X

Perils on Planet X © Christopher Mills & Gene Gonzales
Artwork © 2013 Gene Gonzales

I didn't mean for this blog to be so Planet X-centric but it has lately. Sorry about that. Next week I will shoot for something different. :)

I had a fun morning creating this piece. I had finished some commercial work and sent it for revisions/approval and had some time to kill. Not as much time as I put into this piece though. The Pirate Queen in POPX is a lot of fun to draw and I had this idea in my head that I had to put down on paper pixels. This was completely done in Photoshop, from rough idea to finished piece, on my Cintiq. Fun stuff!

Please join us tomorrow for a new page of Perils on Planet X. And tell your friends! Thanks!

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