Friday, December 30, 2011

Sketchbook Friday - The Joker

The Joker © DC Comics

After yesterday's Batman, this was a natural.

Today was to be a deadline on a project but last night (the client is in Los Angeles) I got an email that we would be extending that deadline to Tuesday. No one was going to be in the office today so I decided to take the day off too. I still have a few hours to put into the project, but I will finish it tomorrow while Deena is running errands. It was nice to just relax today, have some lunch with my lovely wife and wander around a mall in Tampa. A beautiful sunny day off in Florida. What more could you ask?

Today marks the unofficial anniversary of my blog. Sunday being the official day. I will post about that on Sunday. Reflect a bit and of course post some art.

This piece was done with ink, Copic markers, and white Prismacolor pencil.

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Royce Thrower said...

Always like to see you use purples and greens in your art. Congrats on the un-official anniversary... and the day off!

Gary M. Peiffer said...

Dealine extensions are always welcomed! Glad you got some personal time!

Another anniversary for the!


Charlie Ramirez said...

i love it! pretty sinister :)

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks guys!

Little John said...

Great expression on this piece. Love it!

Brian Jones said...

Great looking Joker and he looks to be up to no good!

cmedard said...

Always liked this large-brimmed hat outfit for the Joker in Timm's Batman animated series... Great sketch !

Gene Gonzales said...

Thanks LJ!

Thanks Brian, exacting the look I was going for. :)

Thanks cmedard! I was going with the Marshall Rogers Detective Comics of the 70s for the Joker hat. Completely forgot about the hat being used in the Bruce Timm stuff. :)